ASAP Methodology for Implementation v8 now available

December 6, 2012 Jan Musil

'Delivery Methodology is fundamental corner stone for prescribing delivery model for services and delivery projects.'


We are pleased to announce availability of the ASAP 8 Methodology for Implementation. With this release the ASAP 8 is generally available to the SAP ecosystem to support consistent implementation of SAP Advanced Delivery Management based projects.


The ASAP methodology provides users with structured, repeatable and prescriptive way to implement SAP solutions. The methodology is structured around key project phases each containing list of deliverables and supporting tasks for implementation. Along the hierarchy users can find accelerators, templates and samples to support their implementation project (for example Project Management Plan Template, Blueprinting Process Flow Guide or SAP Solution Manager Guide).


ASAP 8 One Pager.jpg


ASAP 8 is offered in two versions for design-based projects - the Agile ASAP 8 for project teams using SCRUM based, time-boxed, iterative delivery approach and Standard ASAP 8 for projects following traditional SAP deployment approach.


Methodology Benefits
  • Enables consistency, reduces complexity and increases quality by creating and delivering services on one common platform.
  • Scalable -- ASAP has been re-designed to support all types of services delivery from RDS deployments to large scale implementations
  • Prescriptive and Comprehensive -- guided work procedures for project team, deliverables for project managers and accelerators for all users
  • Innovative -- Agile Deployment, Application Visualization, Cloud-based Deployment
  • Sound Practices -- Project Quality Gates for traditional and RDS projects
  • Knowledge Capture and Re-use -- leverage knowledge from thousands of implementations of SAP solutions



Highlights of ASAP 8 Methodology
  • ASAP 8 is built on solid foundation of ASAP 7 methodology that delivers holistic approach to SAP implementation focused on Business Process Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Project Management and Value Management
  • ASAP 8 combines the strenght of ASAP with the innovations from SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Delivery Methodology and ASAP Focus Methodology
  • Over 180 SAP Services and RDS use ASAP 8 WBS
  • ASAP 8 helps accelerate time to value with new content for Agile implementation and Application Visualization (with SAP Application Visualization by iRise) that are now built into the methodology
  • ASAP 8 helps establish solid governance and quality in project with tools like Quality Gate Checklist for traditional and RDS projects
  • ASAP 8 delivers value added accelerators like templates, samples and white papers
  • ASAP 8 provides comprehensive deliverable descriptions including task list with accountable roles


Learn more about ASAP 8

SAP delivered webinar offering first look into ASAP 8 in the SAP Advanced Delivery Management webinar series. Check out the recording of the ASAP 8 - Enabling Delivery of SAP Advanced Delivery Management Projects: First Look for more information about ASAP 8.


Access ASAP 8

The methodology is available in the SAP Service Marketplace (requires Service Marketplace user).


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