Assuring Solution Quality - Essential Steps

October 8, 2013 Dinesh CG Dinesh

Essential Steps in Assuring Solution Quality


The promise to ensure quality in solution design and development is all about compliance to client specific requirements; enduring to fulfill and exceeding the promise all the time, is about excellence with the highest standards of integrity and collective teamwork in all aspects.


Well-designed classic methodologies like ASAP Methodology gives utmost prominence to solution quality and control through thorough testing as much as its design and development to ensure that the developed solution meets the requirements with no known defects gathered during the blueprinting phase of the project. The solution testing approach is a sub-component within an end-to-end solution implementation methodology (See Figure 1). The methodology can be deployed within the organizational quality assurance and control framework. These include standards like ISO, BVQI, and SEI PCMM etc.


The solution blueprint leads to a comprehensive project management plan, and this plan serves as the basis for the testing phase of the project encompassing all aspects of the testing as shown below. It illustrates the essential steps necessary to complete. This falls within the realization phase of the ASAP Methodology.


Assuring Solution Quality - Essential Planning Steps - FINAL.jpeg


The scope of testing includes all the business scenarios, processes, integration, and enhancements along with their necessary master data, configurations and transactions as summarized in blueprint. With this scope in place the schedule is prepared to complete all the planned tasks and activities during this phase of the project. The specific component of the scope determines the kind of quality testing that needs to be carried out as outlined in the illustration above.


These quality management processes can be effectively managed through well-built systems such as SAP Quality Center by HP, SAP Solution Manager, SAP TAO and IBM quality management solutions etc. These systems provide central platform to manage end-to-end quality management processes encompassing planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, reporting and closure of the overall test management along with the documentation ensuring the compliance to requirements authored in the solution blueprint.


On successful completion of the essential steps in assuring the quality of the solution designed & developed to business blueprint, the system can then be planned for UAT to close the E2E solution.

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