PRINCE2 for SAP implementations (including ERP)

March 26, 2014 Waldemar Falinski

Year ago I started the discussion about the use of PRINCE2 on SAP implementation projects and I have gained interesting feedback:


I am just now making SAP Project with both ASAP and PRINCE2. It is not exactly ERP – it is SAP HR-PA and ERECRUIT. That coexistence is fully peacefully and ASAP and PRINCE2 are complementing each other.


First advantage is that PRINCE2 becomes to be a common project communication language in Europe. So if you map right the ASAP and SAP terminology with PRINCE2 so you can start the project without invest time in training of SAP terminology and solving the confusions. Every person trained in PRINCE2 will become a fully conscious member of the project team with knowledge about responsibility and role.


I like to start sharing my experiences with phasing (or staging in PRINCE2) There is no need to change the phases of ASAP or to map them one2one with PRINCE2 stages since they are technical stages from PRINCE2 point of view. You can use them both with PRINCE2 management stages.


That is working very fine on my project. We are making management stages every two weeks. Too often you say? Not this time on this project but I will agree that for most projects especially ERP implementations it will be too often.


But on my project the project board is on place and that was expectation of the executive to make the meeting that way. On the other time the meetings are short so the cost for the organization is low. And the other advantage that the awareness in project board is continuous so it makes the meetings effective since everybody is recalling of the tasks or products from the last outlook.


We managed to have Work Packages tailored for the weeks. The team is not big (together 5 to 8 persons) what makes that the we start (acceptance of WP) and end (Deliver a WP) in form of short briefings similar to stand-ups. That makes the project dynamic but fully under control.


Remember – one of PRINCE2 principles is tailoring!

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