The 3 Unavoidable Truths. Death, Taxes and The 3io Problem.

June 15, 2013 John Heald

We all know about Death and Taxes, and those in the know know about "the 3io Problem"


It is one of the biggest problems that we in IT ever have to deal with.


No matter how clever the design of your software, no matter how resilient in training the users the 3io issue will ALWAYS catch you out.


This is one issue and concern every project will encounter, it doesn't matter wether you are using waterfall project management, agile or scrum, there is never enough thought, due diligence or time put into addressing the 3io problem.


Apple made leaps in that area, with the invention of the iPhone, a computer device so simple that the instruction manual was less than 1 page, and most of that was defining the buttons, nothing to do about actually using it, and the software imbedded in.



But Apple made the fatal mistake, with Apple Maps, they made the assumption it's software didn't conform to the 3io model, as if they were exempt to the proven truth, that everybody in IT has known, "every project, every piece of software designed and every implementation has always got to listen to the power of the 3io rule."


3io Intel Inside, Idiot Outside.

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