Employee Central, Localization & Cloud Payroll - Part 4

May 22, 2014 Priyanka Porwal

Dear All,

continuing the series of blog1, blog2, blog3, here are some updates from release 1405.


As part of release b1405, we have added support for 3 more countries. Employee Central thus supports 71 countries now with release 1405.  A very huge number which our competitors can't beat in terms of the extent of localization offered.


Apart from adding localization features for 3 countries, enhancements for functionalities Deductions, Advances Recovery have also been delivered. Also localization capabilities for some of the existing countries were enhanced.


In addition, Global Benefits, one of the key functionalities for Employee Central was delivered in 1405. However I would like to write a seperate blog for it mentioning the approach taken, the features covered and the minimal configuration needed to enable country and company specific benefits. Keep watching this space.


Upgrade Center, one of the favorite topic, was further enhanced to make it easier for administrators to upgrade their system with on-click. Usually in on-premise world customers need to scan through Service Marketplace, search for the right legal change applicable to them and get it applied. With Cloud, one problem of getting the system upgraded is solved. However, customers still needed to watch for the release notes and the lot of enhancements being pushed their way. With Upgrade Center, the changes are pre-filtered based on their scoping and customers only see the relevant information. With a single click, they can also upgrade their particular instance. In release 1405, the framework was further enhanced to make it more user-friendly.


Moving to Payroll side, SFSF EC Payroll is now available for 28 countries with b1405.  I firmly believe lot of customers will be moving towards cloud in near future and EC Payroll, Side-By-Side or Hybrid models of payroll integration will be worth checking out.


Looking forward to your feedback as always.




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