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March 13, 2014 Patricia Eidelwein

The 18th SAP Forum Brasil, the biggest event of IT in the southern hemisphere took place in São Paulo on February 11th to the 13th. According to Cristina Palmaka, the country manager of SAP Brasil, there was 12742 visitors (7820 unique) participating at the 776 sessions and 14 keynotes and 103 executive meetings. This event had great news and highlights.

For the GS especially it was a remarkable event, as localization topics where in the spotlight. Most visible topics were “eSocial” a new electronic reporting for payroll and labor law events, which is planned to become effective in June this year and held multiple sessions during the forum, both from Globalization Product Management and development colleagues from SAP Labs – all of them overcrowded with well over 200 participants per session.

For GS developers it was a great opportunity, since this was the first time the forum had a track for developers. There was a great crowd and some colleagues from the GS of SAP Latam sharing their knowledge on GS Fiori, e-Social, Design Thinking as well as careers at SAP.

Breaking news of the event was that, in addition to the ERP payroll legal change there will also be a solution on the SAP Tax Declaration Framework on SAP HANA, a new platform to centralize fiscal obligations launched in December 2013. This was highly appreciated since we already have several hot opportunities with over a dozen of top accounts. Also our other sessions on various localization topics were very well visited.

Another solution that was also appreciated was the Transport Management. There was a lecture from a client where he talked very highly about the product, especially the documentation available for it. Other remarks from the event were the shipper lecture, which had also a good crowd with lots of questions at the end. Meet the expert for the TM had a great numbers of people interested in learning more about the product since the TM it’s very new to all of them. One of the toughest clients for TM was also present and his feedback was very positive reviewing the news about the product. And that was a big achievement for the team knowing it´s not easy to impress him.

Also a hot topic was the NF-e that crowded the lectures with lots of questions especially about the big legal change 3.10. Everyone was very interest about it. Their presentation was the third most visited during the forum, which shows the power of the localization solutions and the strength of the GS.



*Pics from Facebook/AsugBrasil


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