Tech-Ed 2013 @Bangalore - Experiences of Day 1

December 12, 2013 Priyanka Porwal

Hello All,

just thought of sharing my experiences at Tech-Ed 2013 @Bangalore. With 6500+ participants, 500+ companies Tech-ED is bigger than ever.


Day 1 started with Vishal's keynote with rivers as theme Watch out the keynote session on official website to understand how this is connected to technology. As part of the keynote, River Development Language was shown, pretty impressive demo done just in a matter of minutes. Also interesting was Infosys CEO Mr. Shibulal's keynote where he mentioned how they are using HANA to help and arrange resources in case of calamity, how the response time itself can be reduced or how one can predict on which drill will break next and when. Also interesting was the case where a person sitting in a warehouse can predict and arrange the medical supplies for the area where any epidemic can spread next. Product "Ganges" was another highlight to demonstrate how big companies can connect to retailers who can in turn connect with financial institutions.


Throughout there were many interesting sessions. The one that caught my eye was the session to develop business applications on HANA cloud platform and connect it with on-premise systems. Thus the power of cloud, HANA can be brought together with your existing on-premise system. This was further extended to mobile where can you develop mobile apps on top of HANA cloud platform. "Fuzzy logic search on HANA" was another interesting app where you can have a google like search all on top of data sitting in HANA.


As every year, the real highlight of the event is the Demo Jam. With SCN turning 10, this was the main event. Many interesting demos this year - dimming the light and playing a soft music after predicting your emotions or to book a hospital and resources in case you are having a heart-attack at home all using some sensors. Another one that was very interesting and which actually won the first prize was on the toll gates that we have in India. Predicting the route, the toll needed all were very interesting features of this demo. This only a person who stays in India and has to pay toll every few kms will understand. Another interesting demo, although it didnt make to top three,  was on Indian rail to predict the confirmation of ticket and the train, the category which has the maximum chance to get confirmed.


The evening had Mr. Saurav Ganguly, ex-captain of Indian cricket team and one of the most successful ones at that as the guest speaker. "Dada" as he is more popularly known as is one of the most respected captains. He taught India how to win games. Few quotable quotes from his speech are: 1) failure is good thing. Once you are hurt, you work extra hard to become better. 2) In a team there will be cases where people wont get along well, but it is important to not lose sight of the end product. It is the company that you work for that you need to keep first and foremost. 3) Love what u do to become best.


A very nice day with loads of learning and fun too.


Best Regards,


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