Tech-Ed 2013 @Bangalore - Experiences of Day 2

December 12, 2013 Priyanka Porwal

Hello All,

after Day 1 experiences, here are Day 2 experiences. The day is jampacked with loads of lectures, hands-on sessions, demos, Q&As, product roadmap sesions.


The sessions that captured my eye today were the hands-on on developing SAP UI5 application on top of HANA Cloud Platform. Learning hangover from yesterday, eh!! probably. Another interesting hands-on was to build a secure SAP HANA cloud applications using OAuth and SAML 2.0.


SAP HANA Cloud Integration sessions are another big hit. For all the people, who want to move to cloud in a phased manner , yet retaining their PI system side by side, this is a worth topic. Also for people who don't need the full fledged PI system, could go for HCI instead. There are already adapters available for integrating with SuccessFactors, CRM, ByDesign, Financials. Ariba is the latest entry which is being worked upon.


The most interesting session for the day was "Extending SuccessFactors Employee Central with apps on HANA Cloud Platform". Very much connected to the job. And for some reason there were lots of questions around Localization and Payroll. "How many countries the payroll is available with EC Payroll", "How many countries EC is localized for", "Can a payslip be seen in EC", "Where is the payroll processed" and so on. And guess, I was there at right place at right time. For those who did not understand, you need to check my previous blog on Employee Central, Payroll and its localization.


Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA is another session that I am looking forward to. Looking forward to what Day3 has in store.


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