Data Intelligence and Information Management with SAP Information Steward

August 19, 2014 Yingwu Gao

This is a late announcement for the availability of SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution. The latest version v2 based on IS 4.2 was released at June 2014.


The solution provides detailed insight into the data quality, structure, and usage in Customer, Supplier, and Material master data records. You can understand the enterprise wise data via advanced profiling, validate business data via business rule driven analysis, continuously monitor and measure master data quality, and come out with insightful data strategy and reliable decision towards the big data and data intelligence along the way.


With this solution, business users will easily get the measurable results:

  • Understand Information Steward product functionality and project lifecycle with Pilot implementation of ‘Data Health Check’
  • Owning best practices from the start - Customers have access to best practice methods for profiling, monitoring, and metadata integration. Understand the complete Quality Monitoring life cycle
  • Having a solution that is functional with your own data-set -  Customers get to see how the software works with their own data in their own environment, and how they can “templatize” these for future work
  • Reduced cost of ownership and maintenance - Standardized designs, using best practices, help to maintain homogeneity when extended to multiple applications, which helps to maintain the applications and train new personnel on them easily, thus reducing knowledge transfer requirements – resulting in reduced cost of ownership
  • Provide a strong foundation - the software platform, with standardized design approach, and best practices, provides a strong  foundation for all data quality needs of the organization in future
  • Pre-defined Information Steward best practices content - the pre-packaged Information Steward best practices content for SAP and non-SAP environments, provides a quick start to Information Steward implementation and understand the tool and overall DQ monitoring process, and its use in live projects



SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution is an important part of the enterprise information and master data management portfolio.



Access SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution from Service Market Place. Download from the Download Center, from Installations and Upgrades -> Browse our Download Catalog -> SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, get SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution, then get the Package SAP RDS IS CONTENT V2. Choose the second download file: ISCONTENT02_0-10012110.ZIP  (SP02 for SAP RDS IS CONTENT V2).

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