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November 26, 2014 Anja Wilde

Simplify the Set-up of SAP Fiori Apps


The media has gone wild for SAP Fiori Apps. You see stories, attend technology conferences, go to meetings, view videos—and still wonder how to integrate SAP Fiori Apps. So, if you lack transparency about the implementation of SAP Fiori apps…if you are searching your way through different sources of information—here’s help:

Check out the Fiori How –to-Guides now. In them are the answers to your laundry-list Integration of Fiori Apps of technical questions, including customization. Yes, techies, here’s what you are looking for: clear, crisp instructions. The How-to-Guides sort through the topics, and help you to quickly see the light and overcome the hurdles of finding your way through the different RDS Fiori packages for the technical setup of the apps and the integration with existing customization. The integration of a defined selection of Fiori  Apps was done based on the example SAP Best Practices US Baseline Package V3.607.


Covered App Types:



Current Scope:

Inside the SAP Fiori Apps How-To Guides, you’ll get tons of content around the analytic, informational and transactional apps that are shown in the chart, below.


transactional apps.png

Analytical Apps:


….and more than 50 Factsheets.




So what can you get? The guides walk you through a checklist of prerequisite packages and then describe the process for customizing the apps. Good, right? In case of the Smart Business Apps , this powerful set-up guide is like your own coach--it guides you through the configuration of Smart Business Apps using the KPI Modeler. These accelerators are designed to assist you in your efforts to proactively keep the implementation of SAP Fiori apps within time and budget. Now, that’s a real “how to” guide.

Want more? Check out the guides in the Help Portal:

Handy Resources: Help Portal

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