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June 2, 2014 Andreas Muno



Every CIO wants to support the mobile ambitions of Lines of Businesses in their enterprise. Protecting network integrity, enforcing compliance and giving access to employees and external users on mobile devices does not have to be difficult, expensive, nor a lengthy implementation journey. "Bring Your Own Device", or BYOD for short, is a popular policy pursued by many companies nowadays:


With Android and Apple phones and tablets leading among consumers, enterprises and employees alike have long wondered why anyone should carry yet another device just for work. Wouldn't it be smarter to allow corporate access of the consumer devices employees procure for themselves? It IS smart, when the BYOD policy is well defined and executed. On the technology level, all you need is a sound Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.


SAP Mobile Secure rapid-deployment solution (RDS) helps CIOs go live confidently and quickly with products of the market-leading EMM solution, SAP Mobile Secure. This RDS provides best practices, which guide customers step-by-step through the implementation and configuration of Afaria, SAP Mobile Documents, and SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana. SAP Mobile Secure RDS addresses the security and compliance needs of organizations that support their mobile workforce with state of the art technology and advanced business processes in sales, asset management, customer service, employee and manager self-services, knowledge or content management, and business intelligence.

Afaria, an award-winning mobile device management solution (MDM), now comes with more options. A free trial is available in the cloud, after which Afaria customers can choose production environments with more ease than ever: stay in the cloud, or deploy on premise.

The services provided as part of this RDS allow customers to go live in the cloud in just a few days with their iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices and apps. Powerful analytic reports are already included in the Mobile Secure cloud edition.

SAP Mobile Documents:
The rapid deployment of SAP Mobile Documents, an MCM solution, only takes about two weeks and provides business users with the necessary tools to view securely, present, and collaborate on personal business documents and corporate content anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device. The RDS supports deployments on premise or hybrid deployments with content available from secure storage on premise and from the protected cloud.

SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana:
Where regulations or business processes require mobile enterprise applications to be individually secured, SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana wraps a protective layer of encryption around iOS and Android apps. Available together with Afaria in the Mobile Secure cloud edition in an instance, or rapidly deployed for production on premise in just two weeks, this solution automates app security, making it easy to apply security policies across mobile enterprise apps in seconds—no coding required. The added benefits: Compliance with auditing industry standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), FIPS 140-2 for the US Federal Government, or regulations for the payment card industry (PCI); and extended reach of user groups whose devices are typically not managed by MDM systems, such as temp workers, consultants, suppliers or even consumers.  


Learn more about the RDS on Service Marketplace at service.sap.com/rds-afaria [S-User login required]. Download the RDS content here.


Read more about BYOD here, download this Infographic on mobilizing enterprises securely, and learn what Gartner has to say about SAP Mobile Secure.

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