New version of SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution available now!

April 10, 2015 Ina Glaes

After releasing the first version of SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution one year ago, we are happy to announce now an updated version of the package. This blog deals mainly with the enhancement and changes compared to the first release – but starts also with a short introduction why this solution is such a great thing for retailers.

Why do retailers need such a new omni-channel platform?

Retailers need to have the possibility to easily engage more personalized with their consumers, having all information in one place instead of requiring access to multiple databases and tools. This means to centralize critical business data, to be able to run reports instantly and to make better business decisions that support both sales and the customer experience. This allows retailers to get answers to questions like: “Which articles are critical related to their days of coverage and will run out of stock in the next days”, „What is the real stock in my stores?“, „How do my categories behave in the different channels?“ ”How does the sales pattern in the store looks like during the last week?”, “How does the daily store traffic looks like?”

The solution to these challenges is SAP Customer Activity Repository. It’s a common data foundation, that collects sales data from different channels, e.g. POS and web channel, enriched with master data and inventory data to enable real-time data access. It provides visibility and analytics based on one real time data platform. This foundation can serve retail applications with one version of the truth, to ensure consistent data for all areas. With this foundation it is also possible to easily create own applications to take advantage of this BIG DATA pool. Using SAP HANA, SAP Customer Activity Repository gives retailers the speed they need in their business, down to a single transaction if needed.

What’s new for the second version of the rapid-deployment solution?

There is of course first of all the adoption to the latest software versions, means SAP Customer Activity Repository 2.0 as part of the SAP Customer Activity Repository Retail Application Bundle 1.0 The application bundle includes also additional applications like SAP Assortment Planning for Retail and SAP Promotion Management for Retail. The scope is updated based on feedback from customer, partners and SAP colleagues. With the newest version, also major changes in the user interface come along.

Let’s take a closer look to the scope items covered by the new version and the changes.

POS Data Transfer & Audit

While online retail channels are growing, the sales that occur every day in traditional brick-and-mortar stores still represent the vast majority of transactions. POS Data Transfer & Audit enables you to transfer and audit all of your POS data quickly and efficiently.

POS Workbench.png

               POS Workbench



This scope item remains unchanged, so the configuration of this scenario is not part of SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution, you can implement it by your own, or use the "Implementation of point of sales data transfer and auditing" service to reduce total cost of implementation by delivering a turn key implementation that meets the current needs of retail customers. The rapid-deployment solution covers the check of the needed activities and configurations to ensure that the follow-on processes work smoothly.

SAP Smart Business for Multichannel Sales Analytics

SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution supports multichannel sales analytics and real-time insight into sales performance and customer behavior across all channels helping to optimize processes and interactions with other departments, customers and suppliers.
This is a brand new scope item based on pre-built smart business reports for multichannel sales analytics of what has been sold by category, where and via which channel. The most important key performance indicators for category managers like net sales, gross margin, number of transactions, average items per transaction

and average transaction value are provided using the SAP Smart Business framework. The analytics provide category managers with real-time insight to sales activities across multiple sales channels, new business insights across multiple time periods and sales channels, real-time details by sales channel, store, category and item, fast insights and reduced data complexity through real-time analytics on outliers and personalization options and adaptability via KPI framework and enhancement concept.

Fiori Multi channel.png

               Key Performance Indicator Gross Margin


The UI technology used here is SAP Fiori. To deploy the SAP Fiori infrastructure (if you don’t have it already in place) and the related apps you can also take advantage of an rapid-deployment solution: SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution.

If you are interested to learn more about the SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution, please check out also the blogs about the newest releases and how to explore them in the cloud: New release of SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution - with a lot of new accelerators and SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution - explore in the cloud and across many devices.

SAP Lumira for Inventory Visibility and Sales Reports

This is another exciting new scope item that offers pre-built real-time snapshots of your inventory and stock levels showing just how much stock is currently available in store for each item at all store locations. Store managers get real-time inventory transparency and can start ad hoc interventions without waiting for the endless nightly inventory posting runs to be finalized. The package delivers also pre-built real-time POS analytics visualizing big data graphically, revealing new insights at-a-glance and discovering weekly and intra- day sales pattern.

The reports are built with SAP Lumira, a self-service analytic solution, which enables business users to easily access, transform and visualize data without a single line of code. With the package you have access to the additional SAP HANA Content build for this analytics, and also the SAP Lumira Documents (lums) to visualize the results. If you decide to use another visualization tool, you can still take advantage of the SAP HANA content.


          Sales and Promotion by Hour - Last 7 Days


Why SAP Lumira:

The change of the analytics tool (perhaps you remember: in the first version we used SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, Explorer and Webi) is based on feedback from customers, partners and colleagues – so we modernized this part and use SAP Lumira to pre-build content, that can be used out-of-the box, but could also serve as a base for customer specific enhancements. SAP Lumira allows beautiful interactive maps and charts – and the most important thing is that no special training is needed to use the pre-build analytics. If you want to extend that or build own data visuals for data discovery or just learn more about this tool, please check out Official Product Tutorials - SAP Lumira.

Demand Data Foundation

What is Demand Data Foundation? It is both the platform and data model defined to support SAP Retail Applications like SAP Assortment Planning for Retail (APR), SAP Promotion Management (PMR); it is the basis for Unified Demand Forecast (UDF), and can support planning, analyses and forecasting as a re-usable software layer.

It includes, for example, the data model, data import infrastructure as well as user interfaces re-used in other applications, e.g. Manage Products and Manage Locations in SAP Assortment Planning for Retail. It is used to process and store all needed data for three applications I mentioned above. The pre-configuration of the Demand Data Foundation (DDF) within SAP Customer Activity Repository enables analytics, planning and forecasting processes in SAP’s retail specific consuming apps.


              Demand Data Foundation Monitor


This scope item is prerequisite for the brand new package SAP HANA Assortment Planning for Retail rapid-deployment solution – also available now.

Service Offering

The implementation service offered by SAP consulting enables customers to go-live in a fast and predictable approach. Based on feedback we received, we also added a new option to build a proof of concept as a first step.

Let me summarize the highlights of this package:


  • Based on latest software release
  • Usage of latest UI technologies like SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira
  • Coverage of Demand Data Foundation as a base for consuming apps like SAP Assortment Planning

    for Retail

  • Service for POC and go-live
  • Availability on premise and also on cloud (planned for May 2015)

Find here the link to Service Market Place where you can also download the extensive documentation and available assets. 




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