Rapid Deployment of Data Governance and Data Quality is just made easier

November 1, 2014 Bharath Ajendla

Once upon a time, the ideas of data governance and data quality are after thoughts.  Poor quality data hurts you in ways you might not even know (more). All too often, good employees compensate for bad data, instead of doing what they’re really supposed to be doing:  helping the business be more productive, more profitable, more competitive


However, the trend has been changing (see below graph for a change)…

Data Governance Interest Over time.png

So, now there is interest and often times a strong "WILL" to do something around data. But not sure where to start, how to start and the key question is how to test or deploy faster…so here are some answers


SAP Master Data Governance rapid-deployment solution:


This RDS delivers the fast track to adopt SAP MDG for supplier, material, customer, and finance in the organization, to gain end-to-end insight in master data CRUD processes across the landscape, and to remediate data quality challenges by integrating with SAP Information Steward

Detailed Scope:

SAP Master Data Governance Rapid Deployment Solution Detailed Scope.png

  • Ÿ Base Module: Kick start the service and define the scope (finance, customer, material, supplier or custom object) for the modules to be implemented.
  • Ÿ Module 1 – MDG Installation: Installation and activation of the Master Data Governance (MDG) in development. Support installation in quality and production system
  • Ÿ Module 2 - 1. MDG Baseline Implementation: Standard configuration of MDG in the development, quality and production systems, Business Rule Framework (BRF+) based workflow templates.  2. Implementation of up to 3 derivation and validation rules. Deployment and configuration of the Business Context Viewer content
  • Ÿ Module 3 - MDG Process Insight: Implementation of cross system process monitoring using Process Observer with a single ERP target system
  • Ÿ Module 4 – MDG Data Remediation*: Implementation of Data Remediation process allow data governance for on-time resolution of master data inconsistencies ensuring high quality on a sustained basis
  • Ÿ Module 5 – MDG Baseline Implementation for financials: covers  Chart of Accounts, Company Code, Cost Centers, Profit Centers, Cost Elements, Companies and Consolidation Unit/Group and standard workflows. DRF Setup with self-replication to MDG Hub and one ECC system
  • Ÿ Module 6: : MDG Baseline Implementation for Custom Data domain – Activity Type and replication
    • *requires SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution


SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution:

Get detailed data quality insight in Customer, Supplier, and Material master data records. Understand your data via advanced profiling, validate via business rule driven analysis, and continuously monitor and measure your master data quality


SAP Information Steward Rapid Deployment Solution.png


The highlight of this solution is that we provide about 370 rules across 204 tables and 46 views that you can deploy to jump start of POC or blueprint of your data quality initiative.  Start asking your business what else do you want instead of what do you want because you are not starting from scratch. 


SAP Asset Data Quality rapid-deployment solution:

SAP Asset Data Quality rapid-deployment solution allows you to assess, validate and continuously monitor the quality of your asset master data. Simplify management of your asset data quality with SAP's industry-leading EIM tools and predefined content. The scope of the solution includes processes for creating or changing business and validation rules, identifying corresponding data quality issues, and on-going analysis of historical data with continuous insight for SAP ERP.


Key Domains: Functional location, Equipment, BOM, Maintenance plan, Task List, Catalog Profile


SAP Asset Master Rapid Deployment Solution.png


Software Requirements:

  • EHP6 or EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0, including SAP Master Data Governance 7.0
  • SAP Information Steward 4.2 (for remediation scope item)Ÿ
  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.1, version 45 or above (for material search scenario only)
  • SAP Data Services 4.2 (for Asset Data Quality)


System Requirements for RDS for data quality and data governance solutions.png


Download the Rapid Deployment Solutions Today !!!

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SAP Master Data Governance rapid-deployment solution

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SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution

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SAP Asset Data Quality rapid-deployment solution

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