Rapid-deployment solution for SAP Customer Activity Repository now available – Part 1

April 29, 2014 Ina Glaes


Successfully deploy in as little as 11 weeks!


This blog series deals with the newest, retail specific package: SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution – what the solution is about and how this package helps to have a jump start into a new multichannel world for retail.

Why do retailers need such a new multichannel platform?

Retailers need to have the possibility to easily engage more personalized with their consumers, having all information in one place instead of requiring access to multiple databases and tools. This means to centralize critical business data, to be able to run reports instantly and to make better business decisions that support both sales and the customer experience. This allows retailers to get answers to questions like: „Which articles are running into ou-of-stock in the next days?“, „What is the real stock in my stores?“, „How does my categories behave in the different channels?“ „How do my stores perform today?“

The solution to these challenges is SAP Customer Activity Repository. It’s a common data foundation, that collects sales data from different channels, e.g. POS and web channel, enriched with master data and inventory data to enable real-time data access. It provides visibility and analytics based on one real time data platform. This foundation can serve retail applications with one version of the truth, to ensure consistent data for all areas. With this foundation it is also possible to easily create own applications to take advantage of this BIG DATA pool. Using SAP HANA, SAP Customer Activity Repository gives retailers the speed they need in their business, down to a single transaction if needed.

Why do we offer now a rapid-deployment solution for this solution?

As you might know already, SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in general are built to reduce implementation costs and project risks and with that increase the project success. It helps to adopt break-through technology much faster and reduce complexity from software deployments with preconfigured solutions.  Rapid-deployment solutions can be implemented with clear, predetermined costs and project timelines, and provide additional benefits like pre-configuration and pre-built analytics.


Let’s take a look at the business scope supported with this rapid-deployment solution.

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POS Data Transfer & Audit

While online retail channels are growing, the sales that occur every day in traditional brick-and-mortar stores still represent the vast majority of transactions. POS Data Transfer & Audit enables you to transfer and audit all of your POS data quickly and efficiently.

The configuration of this scenario is not part of SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution, so you can implement it by your own, or use the “Implementation of point of sales data transfer and auditing” service to reduce total cost of implementation by delivering a turn key implementation that meets the current needs of retail customers. The rapid-deployment solution covers the check of the needed activities and configurations to ensure that the follow-on processes work smoothly.

Inventory Visibility

SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution delivers real-time snapshots of your inventory and stock levels revealing just how much stock is currently available in store for each item at all store locations.

The rapid-deployment solution offers a set of pre-built analytics for regional / district managers and store manager to enable real-time transparency and ad hoc interventions without waiting for the endless nightly inventory posting runs to be finalized.


Multichannel Sales Analytics

This package supports POS, multichannel sales analytics and real-time insight into sales performance and customer behavior across all channels helping to optimize processes and interactions with other departments, customers and suppliers. It provides pre-built dashboards and reports for POS and multichannel analysis of what has been sold by category, where and via which channel. Users can compare KPI's of actuals against last year and/or plan data.


On-Shelf Availability

SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution includes On-Shelf Availability algorithms that you can use to detect and visualize out-of-shelf situations in stores. With that you can observe on-shelf availability KPI's to determine hot spots in respect to on-shelf availability, eg. stores, suppliers, week days and to derive appropriate measures targeting improved on-shelf availability. This rapid-deployment solution provides the configuration of the On-Shelf Availability algorithm and explains the results, so that you can take further actions to optimize your business.

You want to know more about this rapid-deployment solution? Check out the next blog “Rapid-deployment solution for SAP Customer Activity Repository now available – Part II“ with a more detailed description of the content of this package. Or take a look at SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution at SAP Service Marketplace.

Stay tuned to SCN to learn more about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

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