RDS for mid-sized company?

February 26, 2015 Matthias Schmitt

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On Monday February 9th afternoon Hardy Kuhn, Natarajan
Devaraj, Naveen Bettathpura and I set out from SAP Labs Bengaluru, to meet Ajax Fiori



Mid-sized SAP customer implemented SAP CRM by leveraging the CRM RDS


Ajax-Fiori was established in 1992 as a joint venture
company with Fiori S.p.A Italy, for manufacturing Self-Loading Mobile Concrete
Mixer. Ajax Fiori promises to deliver concreting solutions through its
equipment, which batches, mixes, transports and places concrete wherever the
need is. For more information, take a look at Ajax’s website: http://www.ajax-fiori.com/



Ajax Fiori is located in North Bengaluru, which is a good two
hour drive from the SAP Labs campus. We met Mr. Jacob John, the son of the founder and a Director of the
company as well as personnel from Ajax Fiori Business System Group and SAP CRM
implementation team from JK Consultants, an SAP implementation partner.



  1. Jacob was not only extremely warm and welcoming, he was
    also equally glad about the fact that SAP executives from SAP Solution
    Packaging took time to visit him in person and engaging in an open and frank
    conversation on Ajax’s CRM journey and the relevant SAP CRM Best Practices



Ajax Fiori mastered the
CRM journey with RDS successfully



Ajax was very glad about the smooth jumpstart with having
CRM RDS. Nonetheless, they had teething problems adopting the SAP CRM solution
in some aspects, especially the integration with ECC modules. Some needed
information was missing or not found. However after having crossed the
obstacles and with the growing learning curve of the implementation partner, now
they strongly feel that the productive SAP CRM solution is providing immense
value across all of Ajax’s business units.



Ajax also raised specific points and desires on certain CRM
functionalities and processes to make the life of mid-sized companies simpler. For
instance they wish some guidance or proposals on “where to create and to
maintain Business Partners” as they didn´t find any information. All this
feedback was presented very passionate by Mr. Jacob John and is very valuable
to me and our team.






Ajax was very happy to be given an opportunity to provide
pointed feedback on their SAP CRM solution to SAP. They really liked SAP’s
proactive focus on customer centricity.



The meeting ended with both the parties identifying the next
steps to address Ajax’s specific technical queries and ensure their continuous
success along the CRM journey.



Overall it was a highly fruitful visit, generating a good
learning experience to me and SAP.






Matthias Schmitt,


Vice President

Global Head of Solution
Build for Bus. Analytics / HANA



Global Head of Solution
Build for Customer Engagement & Commerce Packages

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