Release Edition Q2- 2014 : SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions

May 5, 2014 Sapna Subramaniam

Hello everyone !

Here is the list of the latest wave of new solutions and upgrades for SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions


SAP Extended Financial Planning Rapid Deployment Solution  ( New Package)


This new solution combines the former solutions of  SAP G/L Financial Planning, SAP Strategic Financial Planning  Rapid Deployment Solutions and capital expenditure planning as a new functionality.

SAP Extended Financial Planning allows the customer to rapidly access and leverage the G/L dimensions and accounting balances  in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for best-practice financial planning . In addition customers can also model their long term strategy (M&A, product launch) and get instant Financial Statements available for reporting and analysis with SAP Strategic Financial Planning. The CAPEX Planning content allows users to collect, monitor and update their capital outlay for project or non-project related expenses with the capital expenses planning capabilities and the solution on an overall basis allows increased finance user adoption with a planning solution that uses native Microsoft Office (Excel) and Web browsers for all solutions. Users also have the option to leverage SAP HANA® for optimal performance

  • Go live in Weeks  : 7
  • SMP link :
  • Note : The former packages -SAP Strategic Financial Planning and SAP G/L Financial planning will no longer be available as stand alone packages. The content of these packages however, will still be available under the new package " SAP Extended Financial Planning Rapid Deployment Solution"


SAP HANA Finance and Risk Analytics for Banking rapid-deployment solution ( New Package )


The SAP HANA Finance and Risk Analytics for Banking rapid-deployment solution enables timely, reliable and flexible reporting for banks based on the SAP HANA platform. It provides an “out-of-the-box” analytical banking reference data model for a quick-time-to-value implementation with Sybase PowerDesigner.


SAP Financial Close and Disclosure Management Rapid Deployment Solution ( Upgrade)


This SAP rapid-deployment solution supports an integrated, end-to-end enterprise performance management financial-close process that complies with either IFRS or U.S. GAAP. Standardization, automation, and better process management are the key words to a faster, less expensive, and more transparent financial closing cycle – from data collection and data processing to the last mile of finance, including XBRL reporting


  • What’s new : New to this release is the newly added content for BPC NetWeaver for BPC 10.1 and the option to use HANA for SAP Financial Consolidation
  • Go live in Weeks  : 12 Weeks
  • SMP Link :


SAP Solvency II Regulatory Reporting rapid-deployment solution ( Upgrade )


The solution gives an insurer a clear process for the creation of Solvency II, Pillar III reports. It collects, validates and consolidates Solvency II data, facilitates IFRS reconciliation to support the disclosure of the reports. The solution gives an insurer a clear process for the creation of quantitative reports (QRTs) ; It provides a data model for the collection, validation and consolidation of all data needed for the QRTs.


  • What’s New : New to this release the inbuilt content to meet EIOPA regulatory Standards which have been mandatory since September 2013
  • Go live in Weeks  : 12 Weeks
  • SMP Link :


Rapid database migration of SAP Business Suite to SAP HANA ( Upgrade)


This rapid deployment solution supports the migration of an existing SAP Business Suite installation to the SAP HANA database system without disruption of the existing Business Suite scenarios. This new deployment approach provided with SAP’s rapid deployment solutions which leverage out-of-the-box accelerators and predefined scope will help accelerate your adoption of SAP HANA to supercharge your SAP Business Suite. The simplified process eliminates any migration guesswork and uncertainties regarding realization timeline, due to automation of steps as well as planning security due to standardization of the approach.


SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution (Upgrade)


SAP ERP rapid-deployment solutions to optimize your enterprise resource processes for production, sales, procurement, or services, tightly integrated with superior finance and controlling management. Depending on your business and country needs, you can choose between diverse packages, always on the latest version of SAP ERP. The packages are ready to be used for more than 50 countries.



SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution( Upgrade)


The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution delivers preconfigured software powered by the in-memory technology of SAP HANA (if SAP HANA is chosen as a DB).

If your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs are basic, this rapid-deployment solution can provide a permanent answer to your requirements.

If your CRM needs are larger, the software can lay  the foundation for an incremental evolution toward the comprehensive SAP CRM application

  • What’s New:  Use of SAP HANA Agent Inbox Accelerator for higher search performance in agent inbox, use of SAP HANA Live Reporting capabilities, use of SAP Solution Builder for automation of implementation content, use of SAP HANA duplicate check, use of Marketing Campaign Wizard, use of Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Go live in weeks : 8 weeks
  • SMP link :




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