SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution: The new way to package ERP

March 24, 2014 Jan Zielinski

We have recently announced the availability of a new way how to rapidly implement an SAP ERP system using the SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution (RDS) based on the well-known SAP Best Practice country baselines.


You might be familiar so far of having the SAP ERP implementation speed-up with three distinct RDS packages, namely SAP ERP for Finance & Controlling rapid-deployment solution, SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution or SAP ERP for Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution all of them powered by SAP HANA.

So why did we re-invent the way to package ERP?


There are several reasons why. One of the main drivers was the fixed scope approach which we had with the three separate packages. Each one of those has a pre-set scope of SAP Best Practice business processes also known as scope items which couldn’t be changed.  Now with the SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution we offer the flexibility to pick and choose scope items on the level of functional blocks, see below:

For those of you experienced with the ERP RDS packages so far, you will immediately spot as well that with our new ERP RDS package we extended the implementable scope to the Request-to-Service processes. This extension of the business scope was requested many times in the past so we listened and adopted our offering accordingly.

By naming the new solution “ERP Foundation” we want to address several challenges we faced in the past:

  1. Make clear that this offering corresponds to the SAP ERP Foundation Starter licensing option of our software price list. Besides the additionally needed ERP users, no other software license is required.
  2. Clearly position the offering of foundational ERP functionality vs. our Best Practice offerings for Industries in the Trading area (e.g.Retail and Wholesale) or the Manufacturing area (e.g. Discrete Manufacturing, Automotive etc.)
  3. We want to align the naming with our pre-assembled RDS bundle for SAP ERP Foundation Extension in which SAP ERP is a fundamental asset.


With the launch of the new innovative SAP Best Practice country baselines, we took the opportunity to adopt the shaping of the ERP RDS as explained above. To understand the changes coming along with the SAP Best Practices baseline versions (V3.607), please review the ‘What’s New’ documentation (example Germany).


For those of you having access to the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP),  you can get the most current overview on the rapid-deployment solutions offering for ERP here or read the announcement of  “SAP ERP rapid-deployment solutions seek winners like YOU!” in the RDS Information Center Jam group.


If you have no access to the SAP Service Marketplace, please view our public sites on



I hope you will find this exciting new offering of value for you and your work!


Please let me know your thoughts and share your view about it!

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