SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions – Q1-2014 Edition, Feb 28th Release

March 12, 2014 Sapna Subramaniam

Hello everyone !

Please take note of the following Rapid Deployment Solutions that have been released as part of Q1, 2014 cycle - on Feb 28th, 2014.

1) SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution (New Package)

With the SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution, you can quickly and affordably implement functionality to enable predefined business scenarios that are crucial to your company. SAP ERP Foundation RDS contains mandatory and optional components which can be combined as desired.This rapid deployment solution can be deployed on top of a SAP HANA in-memory database or any traditional database

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2) SAP HANA Asset Analytics Rapid-Deployment Solution (New Package)

SAP HANA Asset Analytics extends the power of business intelligence to more users by offering visual simplicity in analysis.  The solution and best-practice content empowers you to gain visibility into the operation of physical assets, take proactive steps to avoid interruptions and downtime, effectively forecast and plan to maximize asset utilization, and optimize asset performance to compete in the marketplace.SAP HANA Asset Analytics uses a new BW data model optimized for SAP HANA, and supports the SAP BI platform as well as options for mobility.  It leverages existing operational and planning data from SAP EAM plant maintenance software, and is also available for non-HANA landscapesRelated information

3) rapid data migration to SAP NetWeaver BW ( New Package)

Accelerate the migration of data from any existing data warehouses to SAP NetWeaver BW, powered by SAP HANA. Before the migration, data quality can be enhanced by cleansing, validating, and transforming. The smooth migration is supported by prebuilt content, based on best-practices. Optionally, the data can be migrated into SAP NetWeaver BW running in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.Related information

  • Go live ( in weeks) : No service Included                               
  • RDS Service Material ID: Not applicable
  • Package Owner : Michael Sanjongco, Frank Densborn
  • Link to more information :
  • Sales Plays - BW on HANA

4) Rapid database migration of SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP HANA  ( Upgrade)

The Rapid database migration of SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP HANA, enables customers to replace the actual underlying relational database of their SAP NetWeaver BW system with SAP HANA as a database.What’s new?New in this release is the usage of DMO (Database Migration Option) for SUM for reduced project runtime, and two new scope options for upgrade and unicode conversion.Related information

5) SAP HANA Live rapid-deployment solution (Upgrade)

The SAP HANA Live rapid-deployment solution enables real-time reporting on operational data from SAP Business Suite applications. This rapid-deployment solution provides pre-built reporting content and pre-configured content for easier and faster analysis of operational data on the SAP HANA platform with best practices enablement guides and fixed-scope and fixed-timeline service offering. What’s new?

  • New analytical content  in the areas of FI, CO, SD, PP, GTS, Insurance.
  • New analytical applications based on SAP HANA Live (Supply Chain Info Center App)
  • SAP Smart Business Cockpits based on SAP HANA Live platform

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6) SAP Predictive Analytics Content Adoption rapid-deployment solution ( Upgrade)

SAP Predictive Analytics Content Adoption rapid-deployment solution delivers sample content that your organization can quickly leverage for selected sales and marketing, retail, manufacturing, insurance, finance, consumer products and banking predictive analysis scenarios.   Kick-start your Predictive sales with these best-practice scenarios, including support for SAP Infinite Insight (formerly KXEN).What’s New?

  • Additional use-cases for Retail and Manufacturing
  • New use-cases for Banking, Insurance, Finance and Consumer Products
  • Supports best-practices for SAP InfiniteInsight (formerly KXEN)
  • Now runs on SAP Predictive Analysis 1.14, SAP HANA 1.0 SP6 and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1

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  • Go Live (weeks)  : 4- 6  Weeks       
  • RDS service Material ID : 50116588                                                                          
  • Package Owner: Venkata Raghu Banda                                       
  • Link to more information :
  • Sales Plays

7) SAP Business Intelligence Adoption rapid-deployment solution (Upgrade)

This rapid-deployment solution enables a customer to successfully adopt the BI suite of tools for the right reporting requirements. Standard delivered content are cross Industries & LOBs, supporting BW, BW on HANA and SAP ERP.What’s New?

  • BW 7.x & BI 4.1 & SAP HANA installation and upgrades
  • BW data & database migration to BW on HANA (A2O) and SAP NetWeaver BW Near-Line Storage rapid-deployment solution
  • Additional reports & dashboards (for desktop and mobile) and Lumira reports

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8) SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis rapid-deployment solution (Upgrade)

The SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis rapid-deployment solution is a role-based dashboards and alerts solution. It offers prebuilt analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) content on the SAP Trade Promotion Management application, the SAP Trade Promotion Optimization application, funds management functionality, and SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC). It helps keep key stakeholders informed of planned and actual results and of deviations from the forecast. It is powered by state-of-the-art tools SAP BusinessObjects solutions in a highly usable, flexible, and high-performance analytic solutionWhat’s New?

  • No manual creation of BEX Queries
  • Updated UI Standard
  • Updated reports and dashboards
  • New Implementation Content
    • All solution-specific BI Objects (e.g. InfoProviders, MultiProviders,  BEx queries, etc.) have been preconfigured and delivered under /PKG/ namespace ; SAP Web Intelligence reports and SAP Dashboards now uses the /PKG/ namespace BEx queries instead of custom queries in Z-namespace
    • New documentation aligned with the rapid deployment solution bill of materials
      • Business process documentation ; Configuration and Quick guide ; Service Content

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9) SAP Access Control rapid-deployment solution (Upgrade)

SAP Access Control provides enterprise-wide visibility of user access to help your organization prevent access risk, reduce the cost and effort of access risk management, and minimize the time of complianceWhat’s New?

  • Updated to support SAP Access Control v10.1.
  • Now supports E-mail pre-configuration

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10) SAP HANA data mart discovery offer (New Package)

This cloud-based solution contains a typical data mart scenario using the SAP HANA platform. To experience the scenario with own data, customers can create their own instance and connect it to their corporate network using VPN tunnels. With a sample data set, pre-configured SAP Rapid Deployment solutions (with content for SAP HANA and  SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform), and the ready-to-use connection between the different components, you can easily start creating your own data marts. Related information

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