SAP S/4HANA – How to “Manage Your Solution” with SAP Activate

August 14, 2015 Holger Steffens
SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA is the unique combination of ready-to-run business processes, agile project methodology, and tools for an assisted implementation.


SAP Activate provides a flexible and accelerated deployment of SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation business suite, for quick time-to-value.


SAP Activate supports you from the initial implementation to go-live and is designed for continuous innovation over time.


The assisted implementation utility of SAP Activate - often referred to as Guided Configuration – is available as part of the product SAP S/4HANA through the “Manage Your Solution” Fiori-application, and consists of the following elements.


Configure Your Solution


Your implementation project does not start from scratch. The initial configuration of SAP S/4HANA is based on a fully pre-configured system providing ready-to run business processes with sample data and marks the starting point for an implementation. Based on the pre-configuration, the initial setup of SAP S/4HANA is prepared using guided configuration. Guided configuration combines our vast experience and business best practices into a friendly and easy-to‐use tool that enables customers to get the right configuration for their needs. Time- and cost intensive blueprinting phases with match to software capabilities are highly reduced. Experiencing the pre-configured system while performing a fit/gap analysis and an agile implementation project is today’s approach for an S/4HANA implementation.


Guided Configuration.png

Fiori-based, easy to use Self-Service Configuration UIs are provided alongside the phases of the implementation project in order to tailor the pre-configured processes to customer requirements. These easy-to-use UIs include only those configuration activities required for the preselected scope and are provided along the implementation phases of the project. With these UIs for example, adding a new subsidiary (company code) to the system, setting up a purchasing organization or adjusting approval thresholds in accounting is just a few clicks.



View Solution Scope


This feature provides you with a simple overview of processes that have been activated in your SAP S/4HANA solution. You can easily evaluate which business processes (scope items of the pre-configuration best practices) and which country versions are ready-to run.




Test Your Processes


Automated customer tests drastically reduce test – specifically regression test – efforts in the implementation project. The SAP S/4HANA solution does not only come with pre-configured business processes, but provides test automates and test scripts. With these tools and content, the test efforts (today a major portion of the efforts in an implementation project) can be reduced. You can create your own test plan, adapt customer data in the system and test the configuration changes that have been performed via the Self-Service Configuration UIs.



Migrate Your Data


Execute data migration directly out of your solution for data migration objects proposed based on the selected pre-configured business processes. As an installed base customer you can connect your SAP Business Suite system using the Landscape Transformation tool while new customers can take advantage of a template based migration approach. With the first SAP S/4HANA Cloud releases, a limited set of data migration objects is supported (focus on project services edition). Support of further objects is planned.


User training & Onboarding


End-user training and on-boarding is another key effort driver in implementation and upgrade projects. A new user training and online help concept was introduced with SAP S/4HANA. Training material, help and documentation are now directly accessible from the application itself. The xRay framework in SAP S/4HANA provided this information as an overlay on each Fiori application and provides access to information right at the point where it is needed. The key characteristic of this approach is that it is very content centric. The drastic simplification can be achieved because content (configuration settings, documentation, help, and learning content, etc.) gets delivered with easy to use web-based tools together with the software itself across all deployment options including the cloud.



Instant access to a free trial system


It has never been easier to experience the solution, touch and feel the UI and test the processes of SAP S/4HANA. Less than a minute away from the initial landing page the users acquire access to a fully configured cloud trial system with sample data. Based on a selected role, interactive guided tours are offered, that demonstrate the benefits of S/4HANA in the trial system. The user can escape from these tours at any point in time and check out the solution in more depth.




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