Start your SAP Customer Activity Repository project with a ready-to-use system in the cloud

July 17, 2015 Ina Glaes

You want to start your project/your blueprint phase with a fully configured system?


To respond to the fast moving demands being made by today’s consumers, some customers/partners want to understand what the SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) could mean for their business and thus want to set up a proof of concept as soon as possible. Other customers/partners have already identified special use cases for CAR and want to accelerate their business blueprint phase.


With the pre-assembled rapid-deployment solution (RDS) for CAR you can get your own system very fast for a longer period of time including sample data. You have full access to the system in order to adapt the configuration as needed.


The 'fully-activated' appliance provides a system including pre-built analytics based on SAP Smart Business and SAP Lumira that can be used to understand the solution and the scope of the SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution. In the fully-activated system all required software components are installed and the required SAP Notes are applied. In addition the following business processes are configured and also test data are applied:


  • POS Data Transfer & Audit
  • SAP Smart Business for Multichannel Sales Analytics
  • SAP Lumira for Inventory Visibility and Sales Reports
  • Demand Data Foundation


Let's take a look into what it takes to set up your own instance in the cloud:




  • SAP S-User
  • Cloud provider account: solutions can be deployed on a third party cloud provider of your choice. SAP Customer Activity Repository in particular is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Subscription to SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL): Customers/partners need to subscribe to SAP CAL by purchasing the subscription via SAP Store. There are various offerings depending on the number of instances that can be created simultaneously.
  • SAP Product Licenses for all components of the solution are required to use the solution after expiration of the pre-installed temporary license. If you have appropriate licenses already you can simply process and get the solution via SAP CAL. Contact your Account Executive in case you need an evaluation license for one or more of the products comprised in this offering.


Step-by-Step Guide to get your virtual appliance


Step 1: Purchase the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription in the SAP Store and register for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. As the name suggests SAP Cloud Appliance Library is a collection of various pre-configured SAP solutions that are available and can be deployed by partners and customers on the cloud provider, in our case AWS.

CAL - CAR.png

               Screenshot: SAP Store         

Step 2: Get access to a public cloud from Amazon Web Services, create an AWS account and familiarize yourself with the management of AWS instances. Learn more about Cloud Computing with AWS and the associated costs. Check out this video on how to create an AWS account.


Step 3: Your Amazon account needs to be associated with your SAP Cloud Appliance Library account to get the solution deployed on your AWS third party cloud provider.


Step 4: Assign the SAP HANA Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution to your SAP Cloud Appliance Library. Under the solutions tab search for SAP HANA Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution – fully activated – Appliance Landscape, click on “Activate” to get your solution activated.

Please note that you need to own the respective SAP Software licenses.


Screenshot: SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Step 5: Once the solution is activated an instance can be created from it.

Follow the Guided Procedure  to get your instance. It takes approximately an hour to prepare the instance and ready to use.



Once the instance has been created, you can follow the getting started guide.


Now you are all set to start your project/your blueprint phase with a fully configured system.


I would be interested to get your view on this offering. Please feel free to post your comments or questions to this blog.


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