Strategic Revenue and Margin Analysis in SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence Rapid-Deployment Solution

January 13, 2014 Bettina Giese

In an ideal world, sales personnel are trusted advisors to their customers and support the sales decision process from the get-go. In the actual world, customers rather find out on their own which products are of interest and valuable to them. The sales representative will often only get involved once the customers have pretty much made up their minds, and at that point it is very difficult for the sales reps to make alternative proposals that might fit better to the customers’ needs. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the customer is simply not interested to consult an external resource. More often, though, it is likely that due to past experiences the customer did not feel supported well enough and because of that rather uses their own resources to come to a sales decision.

Additionally, on a more strategic level, any sales-driven enterprise needs to take decisions on a regular basis to invest in the right products and customer segments, to drive revenue and to stay competitive.

Real-time data about customer sales behavior compared against other customers or industries or a multitude of other parameters can help the sales reps to get the information they need to proactively start discussions with customers and drive the sales process to an optimal outcome for all parties involved. And with real-time data about revenue, margin, discounts, customer satisfaction and so on, analysts find the information they need to make informed and strategic recommendations to the enterprise. The solution that can help achieve these goals is SAP Customer Value Intelligence.



One of the processes covered in the SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution is Customer Value Intelligence. This process is based on the new strategic sales revenue and margin analysis solution SAP Customer Value Intelligence that is powered by SAP HANA. This solution belongs to the suite of applications called SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. For an introduction of SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence and the SAP Rapid-Deployment solution version of it, refer to this blog: Understand your customers well and drive your sales strategically – in 12 weeks!


The Customer Value Intelligence process is of interest to B2B enterprises that want to

• Enable their sales teams to drive revenue with guided analysis and product recommendations
• Increase customer lifetime value and pocket margin
• Use visibility into discounts and margins to drive profitability
• Invest the right resources into the right customers, products, and channels


SAP Customer Value Intelligence Overview

SAP Customer Value Intelligence supports sales reps and analysts in their jobs with the following analyses and information:


Relationship Analysis is an interactive view that visualizes key performance indicators (KPIs) for the relationship that customers maintain with your company. On the x- and on the y-axis of the chart you can choose from diverse KPIs such as Revenue, Gross Margin, Pocket Margin, Churn Probability, Sales Volume, Duration and many more to adjust the chart display to your needs. The “colored dots” in the relationship view represent customers. For the display of the customers, you can select between color codes for customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer classification.




Margin Decomposition visualizes how your pocket margin is reached for all invoices of your customers. The report returns a breakdown of invoices, revenue, and gross margin to display the pocket margin as a result.



Customer Stratification offers a a flexible portfolio analysis of customers based on their performance as measured in their scorecards. The scorecard is a customer rating based on several KPIs. It is available per customer in the Account Details, and the scorecard rating determines the position of an individual customer in the Stratification chart. Per default, the following scorecard ratings are defined: Opportunistic, Core, Marginal, and Service Drain.




Account (Customer) Details

The Account Details view displays the following information per customer, and enables the sales representatives to get in-detail information about their customers, for example, when preparing a meeting with a customer:

• Customer address and information from social media, as well as customer contacts and account team information

• Scorecard

• White Space Analysis

• Sales Analysis

As an example, here is a screenshot of the White Space Analysis:



To make sure to address the right customers and to inform sales representatives about planned initiatives, Customer Value Intelligence also offers you to create target groups for the customer groups you want to address, as well as initiatives to follow up on planned sales activities.

For more information on SAP Customer Value Intelligence, as well as the suite of applications it belongs to (SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence powered by SAP HANA), refer to this webpage:

Customer Value Intelligence Process Flow in the Rapid-Deployment Solution
The SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution contains this process:



The SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution deploys in 8-12 weeks and includes detailed end-user documentation of the business process and how to execute it in your system. It also provides you all the configuration information to set up SAP Customer Value Intelligence. For the purpose of the rapid-deployment solution, the data being analyzed is replicated from SAP ERP – Sales and Distribution. Optionally you can enrich the analysis of the sales data by including data from SAP Controlling – Profitability Analysis.

In addition to what is described in this blog, several new SAP BusinessObjects dashboards and reports are available with the rapid-deployment solution. For example, a Customer 360 dashboard, a customer segment performance report and many more. A follow-up blog will introduce you to this optional additional content in detail.

Customers and partners can find the configuration and process documentation in the “Standard Step-by-Step Guide”. This is available on the SAP Service Marketplace which requires access rights. Use this navigation: -> Solution Deployment -> Service – Step-by-Step Guide -> SAP HANA Customer Eng. Int. RDS Standard SBS Guide (downl.).


SAP Account Intelligence
If you want to offer your sales reps a mobile application to access customer details anytime and anywhere, you can use SAP Account Intelligence, a mobile solution that also comes as part of the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence suite of applications. To implement this mobile solution, refer to the SAP Mobile Apps and Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution.



Data Load via SAP Data Services
Optionally you can load data from external sources into SAP Customer Value Intelligence via SAP Data Services. For more details, refer to the Rapid Data Load for SAP HANA Applications rapid-deployment solution as well as to the following blogs:

Rapid Data Load to Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) powered by SAP HANA Part I

Rapid Data Load to Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) powered by SAP HANA Part II


Further References
For more information on the technical requirements of the rapid-deployment solution, refer to this blog: Introduction to SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution: Technical Background

If you are interested in customer segmentation, SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting could be your solution. The Audience Discover and Targeting process is also covered in the rapid-deployment solution. Refer to this blog: Real-Time Customer Segmentation in SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence Rapid-Deployment Solution



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